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What does Techintelli offer job seekers and employers?
Step into the realm of Defense and Government staffing excellence with TechIntelli. We go above and beyond mere recruitment, immersing ourselves in your unique business culture to handpick individuals who not only possess the right skills but also perfectly align with your organization. Our technology franchisees are your trusted guides, navigating the complex world of security clearance specialists with unparalleled expertise.

Seamlessly embark on a hiring journey where our passion for matching exceptional candidates with your vision knows no bounds. From Aerospace and Defense to Government Financial Services, we offer comprehensive staffing solutions tailored to your needs. Unleash the power of TechIntelli and elevate your Defense and Government initiatives.

We work on the federal projects of
  • Army/Military
  • US Navy
  • Aerospace
  • Coast Guard
  • Marine

Simplify your Defense and clearance staffing Process

For the previous years, TechIntelli has successfully done cleared staffing in support of US Intelligence, Homeland Security, FBI, Justice and DoD, DHS, DTRA, NASA, DISA, USDA, US Army, and other defense projects. With the click of a button, our cutting-edge applicant tracking system identifies, recruits, and monitors individuals from a pooled database of clearance positions. It continuously collects and aggregates prime applicants and assigns them to available positions by spidering multiple electronic sources. Our distinct recruitment technique is based on the best practises of some of the best government recruiting firms, delivers market-leading results.

Here are few areas where we can assist you

Aerospace, Aviation and Guidance Systems

Department of Defense and DoD Contractors

Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Department of Energy

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Transportation

Government Financial Services

Office of Personnel Management

Types of Defense and Clearance jobs we Staff
Spacecraft System Engineer
Technical Services/Specialist
Thermal Design Engineer/Analyst
Sr. Acquisition Management Support
Aerospace Engineer
CyberSecurity Engineer
WMD threat analyst
Digital Signal Processing
Network Engineer
Intelligence Analyst
Sr. Engineering Thermal Analyst
Assessment Eval & Analyst Engineer
Military Force Analyst
OPNAV Action Officer
Benefits for Job Seekers
We understand the unique challenges and requirements of these industries, and our experienced team is dedicated to helping job seekers find the right opportunities. With our extensive network and expertise, we connect talented professionals with positions in aerospace, intelligence, government agencies, and more. We specialize in matching candidates with the necessary security clearances, ensuring a seamless transition into these critical roles. Trust TechIntelli to guide you towards rewarding careers in defense and government.
Benefits For Employers
TechIntelli is your reliable partner in defense and government staffing. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in these industries, we understand the unique staffing challenges you face. We have a vast network of highly skilled professionals with security clearances, ready to contribute to your organization's success. Our comprehensive recruitment process ensures we identify and select the best candidates for your specific requirements. Trust TechIntelli to provide tailored staffing solutions that meet your needs and help you build a strong and capable team for your defense and government projects.

Why choose TechIntelli for your Defense and Government Staffing

At TechIntelli, we understand the importance of security clearances in defense and government projects. We have a comprehensive understanding of the clearance process and maintain a database of candidates with various levels of security clearances, including Public Trust, Secret, Top Secret, TS/SCI, CI Poly, Full Scope Poly, and more. Our thorough screening and verification processes ensure that the candidates we present to you meet the necessary clearance requirements.

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